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Kallas Arkhes

Far beyond building and developing, we are proud to take part in the city’s transformation

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We believe the construction industry should boost the future of cities, integrating people into urban areas and promoting well-being, balance and fulfillment

Kallas Arkhes selects the best locations and develops functional projects. Therefore, we seek to promote a harmonious relationship among our clients, their homes and the area whereour projects are located. We have grown together nearly over 40 years in the real estate market: from high-standard to low-income projects. We think in line with the diversity of people’s dreams and needs. The versatility of our portfolio allows us to perform in the construction of a more integrated new urban area and ready to be experienced.


Founded in 1983 by Emilio Kallas, we add the experience to theinnovation wisdom into the real estate market.


Our family-oriented atmosphere brings us closer to ouremployees, partners and clients, making them all have anatural growth.


Technical excellence, resources optimization and harmoniousprojects that comply with the best opportunities in the market


We go beyond delivering a project: we want to reframe theurban area by building a harmonious relationship amongpeople, their homes and the city

Institucional Grupo Kallas


Build and develop real estate solutions with excellence, integrating people into urban areas as well as boosting the cities’ growth


To be recognized as the best company in real estatedevelopment, building and sales for its solidity, quality andwisdom


Improve people's lives through all the processes that involvethe construction industry.

Our History

36 years old

We own a history built on values whose result is the knowledgeacquired and shared all over these years. We add to this soliditya continuous learning process.

56 awards

We have built a prestigious brand in the real estate marketowning award-winning projects and titles such as the 2nd mosteconomically sustainable company in the real estate market.Istoé Dinheiro Award 2014.

11 cities

Our presence is not restricted to land, buildings or walls: citiesneed to reinvent themselves and this mission is also ours.

150 thousand projects built

Each of our projects is designed to add and share value with allthose who are related to it in some way.

10 million sqft built

A number that stands for Kallas brand significance in themarket as well as the benefits delivered: we invest not only onthe inside, but we also transform the environment.

150 thousand families served

We listen and take into account the real needs of our clients, looking for composed solutions from conception to key delivery.