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Kazzas economic performance

ARQBRASIL - 16/10/2020
Kazzas economic performance

Created in 2015, Kazzas operates exclusively in the low-income segment, serving families in stages 2 and 3. As a Kallas spin-off, the development and building company invests in well-located lots regarding roads infrastructure, commercial services and public transportation as well. The projects are developed within Kallas' standards concerning attention and quality.

"The whole concept of the launches is based on Kallas' experience and background but focused on low-budget products. The showroom sales, the commercial team performance, the advertising campaigns and all the items involved in its products sales strategy are also developed in order to ensure the final client a superior purchasing experience to what is found in the real estate market of similar average price", says Gil Vasconcelos -  Kazzas development director.

Kazzas has seven projects already launched - two in Taboão da Serra: Parque da Serra, with 51m² (549 sqft), and Bosque da Serra, with 47m² (506sqft); in Osasco: Art Home, with 48 to 49m² (about 517sqft); in Jardim Umarizal: Via Araucária, with 48 to 49m² (about 517sqft); in Freguesia do Ó: Fábula Freguesia, with 42m² (452sqft); in Socorro: Fábula Socorro, with 42m² (452sqft); all with 2 bedrooms, and in Tatuapé: Be Live, with 26 to 40m² (280 to 430sqft) and the option of a studio or 1 bedroom. In 2019, Kazzas launched a PSV of R$ 200 million and the expectation for 2020 is launching 15 developments, with a forecast PSV of R$ 1 billion.

Differentials - Having more leisure for the same price, independent parking spaces, concept of facade and plants above the expectations with more attractive prices. This is Kazzas' proposal. The objective is to guarantee very attractive prices, but with the same care as in high-standard developments.


For those who look for the first property, the Poema line, meets this demand, which price is always according to "Minha Casa Minha Vida" program and with the high quality of Kazzas' brand. "The apartments are more compacted but having a privileged location and leisure facilities", explains Gil. "We still have the Fábula line, which has a project based on the premise that education has the power to transform society.


We developed the Bibliotecativa, which are rooms designed to provide integrated areas with access to books, computers and different games that stimulate thinking and creativity of those who attend the place", he continues.