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to building
a future

It's almost a 40-year-old history with solid business, constant learning and transparent relationship with our clients. But our commitment is ahead: cities are changing, dreams are changing, and Kallas Group is active in this transformation. We believe that the civil construction sector should boost the future of cities, integrating people with urban areas and promoting well-being, balance and fulfillment.

Commitmentto buildinga future

Our History

36 years old

We own a history built on values whose result is the knowledge acquired and shared all over these years. We add to this solidity a continuous learning process.

56 awards

We have built a prestigious brand in the real estate market owning award-winning projects and titles such as the 2nd most economically sustainable company in the real estate market*. *Istoé Dinheiro Award 2014

11 cities

Our presence is not restricted to land, buildings or walls: cities need to reinvent themselves and this mission is also ours.

150 thousand projects built

Each of our projects is designed to add and share value with all those who are related to it in some way.

86 million sqft built

A number that stands for Kallas brand significance in the market as well as the benefits delivered: we invest not only on the inside, but we also transform the environment.

150 thousand families served

We listen and take into account the real needs of our clients, looking for composed solutions from conception to key delivery.

The Group Brands

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The Group Brands
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The Group Brands
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The Group Brands


KALLAS ARKHES selects the best locations and develops functional projects in order to promote a harmonious relationship among our clients, their homes and the cities through our developments.


K’URB, a company specialized in land subdivision development, aims to provide the true feeling of living well. Combining urbanist quality with the so-called building excellence of Kallas Group, it aims to transform the landscape of the areas where the projects will be built. Its activities will take place mainly in the State of São Paulo.


KV sells Kallas Group's developments through our associate brokers in order to customize the experience when either searching for and buying your home or even investing. Our partner brokers are highly trained and qualified to explain in detail the differentials of each project taking into account your needs and expectations.


Kaa’s is the group’s “Properties” branch focused on building public and corporative developments. Our projects are a positive reference on society, such as Parque da Juventude, in São Paulo, and the expansion of anaus Airport.

Among other KAA’s projects are hotels, shopping malls and housing developments.


Our building and development company focused on the low-income segment. We combine Kallas Group’s quality with the best cost-benefit scenario.

Kazzas ia a partner of “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” program.

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News makes the real estate market even more solid


Kallas, a middle to high-income real estate builder and developer, has become Kallas Group. Know better about it.

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Kazzas economic performance


With seven projects launched and a PSV of R$ 200 million in 2019, the expectation for the next period is 1 billion.

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A real estate building company that plans a R$2billion IPO in the middle of a pandemic


Kallas group was about to start the IPO registration process in May and now is awaiting the recommendation of the financial advisors to resume deals.

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